Population Health & Determinants


Population Health and Determinants faculty focus on disparities in health and healthcare. Faculty examine how to ensure access to primary care for low-income populations in California and nationwide. For example, Institute faculty and staff work on shaping state and national policies related to reproductive health access. PRL-IHPS faculty use longitudinal data to examine chronic disease and its impact on vulnerable patients. Vulnerable populations are also a key focus of longstanding PRL-IHPS research and translation related to substance use policy and tobacco control. Institute faculty have examined the impact of the environment on reproductive health outcomes and child health. Additionally, faculty study disasters—both natural and human-created—with a particular focus on health and the environment.

Global Health Comparative Effectiveness: A Data Synthesis Method Applied to HIV

San Francisco Treatment Research Center

From Advancing Science to Ensuring Prevention (FASTEP)

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Alameda County School Health Services Evaluation

Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education

Healthy Homes, Healthy Seniors

Uneven Progress: Sex Education in California Public Schools

Sexual and Reproductive Health Services Research and Evaluation