UCSF Center for Healthcare Value

I’m very pleased to announce the official launch of the UCSF Center for Healthcare Value (CHV), which will support initiatives focused on lowering the costs of high-quality healthcare.  Among the goals of the CHV are to:

  • Establish a new framework for soliciting, fostering, and vetting innovative ideas that lower costs of care;
  • Create a national model that harnesses the unique strengths of academic medical centers to increase healthcare value; and
  • Bring UCSF to the forefront in addressing unsustainable healthcare costs.

UCSF offers a superb environment to rapidly test new ideas that could make a big difference.  And the good news is we’re already making progress on some early initiatives in collaboration with a core team of UCSF faculty and strategic partners.

The California Healthcare Compare project is one example of consumer healthcare value that was awarded by the California Department of Insurance to UCSF researchers to collect and analyze data for consumers to compare various healthcare options, quality of hospitals, and regional costs

If you’re interested in sharing your ideas and getting involved, I encourage you to contact Lisa Schoonerman, Senior Program Manager for the CHV, at Lisa.Schoonerman@ucsf.edu.  Also visit healthvalue.ucsf.edu to learn more, and stay tuned for an upcoming call for proposals.

Thank you in advance for your support of this effort, and I look forward to working with you to achieve our ambitious goals.


R. Adams Dudley, MD, MBA,
Director, Center for Healthcare Value