Leveraging Research for Food and Agriculture Policy Change Workshop

Global Food Initiative Policy Subcommittee Announces a Workshop on:  

Leveraging Research for Food and Agriculture Policy Change, July 20, 2015

Summary:  This workshop will bring together faculty members and others from the University of California System with interest in leveraging research to inform and affect policies and policy makers in food and agriculture. The workshop will include training from experienced facilitators on effective tools and ways that faculty members can interact with policy issues and policy makers, as well as guidelines and advice on legal issues and university protocol about policy and government interactions.  The workshop will enable “safe” and open discussion about needs, challenges and opportunities for UC researchers to be involved in policy-related research and interaction with policy makers.    

Objectives of Workshop:

  • Facilitate exchange of information between UC faculty/staff about practices and ways in which research is used to effectively influence or inform policy in food and agriculture systems (from food production to consumption)
  • Provide training and guidance about approaches, capacities, and tools to connect and communicate research to policy makers in food
  • Identify opportunities and resources for UC researchers’ involvement in policy, and collaboration in these efforts   

Date of Workshop:  July 20, 2015, all-day event  

Location:  UCOP lobby conference room, 1111 Franklin St, Oakland, CA (map & directions)

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Total of 50-70 people including : 

  • Faculty members (and staff when appropriate) across the UC system working on food and agriculture issues that connect with policy and/or have potential policy impact, with at least 3-4 people from each campus who have relevant research
  • UCOP/Global Food Initiative representative and government relations resource people
  •  Workshop facilitators/trainers; and Keynote speakers


Continental Breakfast: 8:30 - 8:55 am

9:00am-10:20am Session 1:  Framing the Day

Why should UC researchers engage with food and agriculture policy?

Moderator: Josette Lewis, UC Davis World Food Center

1)   Morning Keynote: State Senator Bill Monning, 17th District

How Research Empowers Policymakers”

2)   Faculty Speakers: Experiences from Agriculture and Health/Nutrition

a.     Laura Schmidt, Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies, UC San Francisco: local policy

b.     Brenda Eskenazi, Center for Environmental Research and Children’s Health, UC Berkeley: state policy

c.      Jay Lund, Watershed Institute, UC Davis: state policy

Q&A and Discussion

10:20 Break

10:30am-12:00pm Session 2: Translational Research

What are some practical methods to share research results in a policy context?

Moderator: Laura Schmidt, UC San Francisco School of Medicine

1)   Workshop Leader: Andrew Bindman, MD, UC San Francisco

Communicating With Policymakers”

2)   Faculty Speakers: Successful Cases of Researcher & Policymaker Collaboration

a.     Pat Crawford, UCANR/Nutrition Policy Institute: on nutrition policy

b.     Louise Jackson, Land Air and Water Department, UCD: on climate change and agriculture policy

c.     Lindsay Allen, USDA Agriculture Research Service

Q&A and Discussion

Lunch 12:00-1:30 pm (Seating by Self-Selected Research Areas)

12:30 pm Introduction by Seth Grossman, UCOP  

Lunchtime Keynote: Congressman Mark DeSaulnier, CA-11

1:30-3:00pm Session 3: Navigating Legal and Political Environments

What can academic researchers do and not do in relation to policy and/or advocacy? 

Moderator: Nina F. Ichikawa, Berkeley Food Institute

1)   Ellen R. Auriti, Senior Counsel, UC Office of the President

2)   Helene Dillard, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, UC Davis

3)   Michelle Moskowitz, Director of Advocacy and Institutional Relations, UC Berkeley Office of Government and Community Relations

Q&A and Discussion

3:15-4:30pm Session 4: Navigating University Structures and Reward Systems

What is the role of public service within the University structure?

Moderator: Ann Thrupp, Berkeley Food Institute

1)   Henry Brady, Dean of the Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley

2)   Dennis Pendleton, former Dean of Extension, currently Executive Advisor to UC Davis Provost for plans to advance community-engaged scholarship

Q&A and Discussion

4:30pm- 6:00pm Reception