Luft Mentoring Award 2017

Harold S. Luft Award for Mentoring
in Health Services and Health Policy Research

Call for Nominations

This award, sponsored by the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies at UCSF, recognizes UCSF faculty who are engaged in health services and/or health policy research, provide mentoring in these areas, and in their mentoring roles demonstrate the qualities exemplified by Dr. Luft.


UCSF senior faculty, at Associate or Full Professor rank, with research/teaching interests in health policy and/or health services research. Nomination letters should demonstrate that nominees have made significant or sustained impact on the professional development of mentees.


1. Inspire and stimulate mentees to do their best and most creative work.
2. Expand their ways of thinking by fostering appreciation of different points of view. 3. Develop career opportunities for trainees.
4. Create communities of learners and maintain life-long contact with trainees.
5. Serve as a role model in leadership, professionalism, integrity and life balance.

Nominator – must be a current or past mentee of nominee and be involved in health policy and/or health services research.


Nominations should include one primary and two supporting letters (no longer than 2 pages each) describing how the nominee meets the above criteria. Specific but brief examples or anecdotes are helpful. Also include the nominee's recent CV with a list of the nominee’s mentees (noting, if possible, their current positions).

The deadline for submitting candidates for the Award Selection Committee for 2017 is over. We will post the Nominee's names later this year.