Janet M. Coffman, MA, MPP, PhD

Associate Adjunct Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine and Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies

Dr. Coffman is a health services researcher who strives to build bridges between academia and policymakers. Her work as principal analyst for medical effectiveness for the California Health Benefits Review Program (CHBRP) exemplifies her commitment to policy relevant research. CHBRP responds to requests from the California State Legislature to provide independent analysis of proposed health insurance benefit mandates and repeals. The program is administered by the University of California's Office of the President and involves faculty and staff from several UC campuses, other universities in California, and an actuarial firm. Since Dr. Coffman joined the program in October 2005, she has authored the medical effectiveness sections of 52 CHBRP reports on a wide variety of topics, including asthma education, behavioral interventions for autism, cancer screening, mental health parity, and tobacco cessation. She also leads CHBRP’s ongoing efforts to strengthen methods for identifying and analyzing pertinent medical literature.

Her research has made important contributions to health workforce policy in California. She has co-authored articles and reports on options for addressing health workforce shortages, geographic maldistribution, and lack of racial/ethnic diversity among health professionals. In addition, she was the lead author of a report on California’s physician workforce that served as a major resource for the University of California Health Sciences Committee’s strategic plan for expansion of health professions education. In 2010, she wrote a widely circulated analysis of the impact of national health care reform on California’s health workforce needs and has lectured on this topic at local, state, and national conferences. 

Dr. Coffman’s other research interests include health care reform, access to care for vulnerable populations, and innovations in management of asthma and other chronic illnesses. Her current projects include and an assessment of California physicians’ participation in Medicaid and a study of California physicians’ use of electronic health records (EHRs). The California Department of Health Care Services is using findings from the latter project to inform implementation of incentive payments to encourage meaningful use of EHRs among physicians with Medicaid patients which are authorized under the HITECH Act.

She has published in a wide range of journals, including Health Affairs, Health Services Research, the Milbank Quarterly, and Pediatrics. Journalists frequently ask her to comment on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

Dr. Coffman received a doctoral degree in health services and policy analysis from the University of California, Berkeley in 2005. She also has a master's degree in public policy from UC-Berkeley. She previously worked for the United States Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, the San Francisco Department of Public Health, and the UCSF Center for the Health Professions.

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Selected Projects: 

California Health Benefits Review Program

Comparative Effectiveness Large Dataset Analysis Core (CELDAC)

Survey on California Physicians’ Use of Health Information Technology

California Health Policy Research Program