November 2020, IHPS in the News

Julia Adler-Milstein:
Future Pulse Forum (Politico) - Midpage
Naomi Bardach:
'This is the right time': UCSF pediatrics professor explains why SF schools should reopen now (SF Chronicle)

Observations about “Observation” Status (American Academy of Pediatrics blog)

'This is the right time': UCSF pediatrics professor explains why SF schools could reopen now (SF Gate)

Sigurd Berven:
Castellvi Covers COVID's Effect on Elective Surgery and Healthcare (Orthopedics Today)

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo:
California’s equity metric aims to protect vulnerable communities. But will small businesses suffer? (San Francisco Chronicle)

California has escaped the national surge in coronavirus cases. But new dangers lie ahead (Los Angeles Times)

Coronavirus Today: No mask, no problem at California’s polls (Los Angeles Times)

Should people of color get access to the Covid-19 vaccine before others? (Vox)

UCSF Grand Rounds: A conversation on the election, the pandemic and the future of healthcare (Mission Local)

Black patients less likely to receive added, higher dose meds to control blood pressure (Science Codex)

Health experts want to prioritize people of color for a Covid-19 vaccine. But how should it be done? (Stat)

Jahan Fahimi:
Opinion: Kutztown University Must Be Aware of COVID-19 Second Wave  (Keystone News)

Robert Hiatt:
Climate change will give rise to more cancers (

Renee Hsia:
‘Election Anxiety Syndrome' Sending People to the Emergency Room (WBIC)

Here's how the election really affects your brain (The List)

Margot Kushel:
Despite protections, deaths surge in Bay Area homeless communities  
(Vallejo Times-Herald)

Santa Clara County Permanent Supportive Housing Project Sees Success (

Margot Kushel and Kim Rhoads:
Verily's COVID-19 testing program halted in San Francisco and Oakland
(Kaiser Health News)

Rob Lustig:
This is What We Really Need. ASAP (Pressenza)

Kim Rhoads:
Panelists discuss Hunters Point history, radioactivity, and future for Bayview engagement (Mission Local)

Trump’s Covid-19 Diagnosis; Socialism and The KPFA Fall Fundraiser (KPFA)

Coronavirus Test Site At Oakland Church Detects Unexpected Infection Rate In Black Population (KPIX)
Laura Schmidt and Cristin Kearns:
“Sugar Conspiracy”: How Sweet Tycoons Convinced Us Sugar Is Not Bad and Pinned the Blame on Fat (Documentary Channel)

Julie Ann Sosa:
‘This is not a Miss America contest’: Sexism in science, research is challenged (Washington Post)

Elizabeth Wick:
Surgical Skill in Colectomy Linked with Long-Term Survival (MedPage Today)