PRL-IHPS Evaluation Community of Practice

PRL-IHPS is happy to announce the formation of a UCSF evaluation “community of practice” (faculty and research staff) committed to bringing their extensive experience in evaluation design and methods to assess complex programs in diverse arenas. With over 40 years in informing decision making, UCSF evaluators have partnered with international, federal, state, local and private organizations to conduct credible, high quality evaluation of complex programs and policies. This multi-department, transdisciplinary community uses qualitative and quantitative evaluation findings to strengthen and impact policies, programs, and improve organizational strategic learning in diverse settings.  It also informs the field of evaluation through developing new evaluation methods and approaches, providing technical assistance, teaching evaluation curriculum, and disseminating findings through peer-reviewed publications, briefs, and other channels. In 2016, PRL-IHPS launched a series of brown-bag luncheon talks, supporting the sharing of evaluation design, methods, and findings. 

For additional information on UCSF evaluators and the wide variety of evaluation projects underway or recently completed, visit the PRL-IHPS website:

We strongly  encourage you to be visible part of this community as clearly many of your projects are within this community of practice and we are committed to keeping this website up-to-date, recognizing the breadth and depth of our research underway. 

For more information on community of practice activities, please contact:

Annette L. Gardner, PhD, MPH, Director
[email protected]