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IHPS faculty are responding to policy challenges raised by the COVID-19
pandemic with rapid-cycle researchand technical assistance. A compilation
of their work to date can be found here and will be updated regularly.


                           PRIORITY: Pregnancy Coronavirus Outcomes Study                     

Valerie FlahermanPRIORITY (Pregnancy CoRonavIrus Outcomes RegIsTrY) is a nationwide study of people under investigation for or with confirmed COVID-19 who are pregnant or recently pregnant, and their newborns. PRIORITY is enrolling participants nationwide at to provide information to help patients and healthcare providers better understand how COVID-19 impacts pregnant people and their newborns. Mother and infant participants will be followed for 12 months after delivery to assess both immediate outcomes associated with acute COVID-19 and subsequent consequences including ongoing respiratory, neurological or systematic symptoms, mental health concerns and receipt of preventive services including contraception and immunization. (PI: Valerie Flaherman)


Medical Team in ICU


Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo published in medRxiv
Geographically-targeted COVID-19 vaccination is more equitable than age-based thresholds alone.

Kevin Grumbach published in JAMA Internal Medicine
Association of Race/Ethnicity With Likeliness of COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake
Among Health Workers and the General Population in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Joe Guydish published in Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment
Impacts of COVID-19 on residential treatment programs for substance use disorder.

Valerie Flaherman published in BMJ Global Health
Why you should share your data during a pandemic.

Valerie Flaherman published in American Journal of Perinatology
Management and Early Outcomes of Neonates Born to Women with SARS-CoV-2 in 16 U.S. Hospitals.

Patricia Katz published in Arthritis & Rheumatology
Association of Race and Ethnicity With COVID-19 Outcomes in Rheumatic Disease: Data From the COVID-19 Global Rheumatology Alliance Physician Registry.

Patricia Katz published in Arthritis Care & Research
DMARD Changes for Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis in the US During
the COVID-19 Pandemic: A 3-Month Observational Study.

Margot Kushel, Hemal K. Kanzaria, MD, published in Jama Network Open
Assessment of a Hotel-Based COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine Strategy for Persons Experiencing Homelessness.

Christina Mangurian published in The New England Journal of Medicine
Caring for the Caregivers - Covid-19 Vaccination for Essential Members of the Health Care Team.

Gabriela Schmajuk published in Arthritis & Rheumatology
Association of Race and Ethnicity With COVID-19 Outcomes in Rheumatic Disease: Data From the COVID-19 Global Rheumatology Alliance Physician Registry.

Hilary Seligman published in Advances in Nutrition
Perspective: The Convergence of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) and Food Insecurity in the United States.

Julie Ann Sosa and Elizabeth Wick published in Journal of Surgical Education
Stress and the Surgical Resident in the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Elizabeth Wick published in Annals of Surgery
Exploring the Experience of the Surgical Workforce During the Covid-19 Pandemic

In the News  

Julia Adler-Milstein:
New COVID-19 Reporting Tool is Another Patch for the US’s Rickety Health Data System (The Verge)

Naomi Bardach:
Superintendent Robert Haley ‘incredibly frustrated’ by state’s waiver rejection (The Coast News Group)
CDC says 3 feet of distance safe in elementary classrooms, meaning more schools able to reopen (ABC 7)

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo:
Yes, Lockdowns Do Help Slow the Spread of COVID-19 
Audit: Contact Tracing in California Failed to Meet Goals (NBC Bay Area)
California's Working-Age Latinos Are Disproportionately Dying of COVID-19 (KQED)
Americans with 2 vaccine doses can travel, CDC says (Los Angeles Times)
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UCSF Docs Discuss SF's Remarkably Low COVID Mortality Rate, and Whether the Vaccinated Should Fear Variants (SFist)
Reopening California: Officials express optimism about entering new green tier amid millions of COVID vaccinations (ABC 30)
The uncertain road to a post-pandemic California (Los Angeles Times)

Janet Coffman:
Young Doctors Faced Down The Pandemic But Aren’t Sure About Their Futures (BuzzFeed News)
Central Valley Latinos remain underrepresented in COVID vaccinations. Here’s why (The Fresno Bee)
California changes reopening criteria again, allots 40% of vaccine to poorer areas (Cal Matters)
Riverside County reports 'big discrepancy' in COVID-19 vaccination rates by race (The Desert Sun)

Jahan Fahimi:
A year in the pandemic: How we failed, how we adapted, and what lies ahead (San Francisco Chronicle)
COVID Vaccine Flexing the Latest Online Trend to Make the Rest of Us Feel Bad About Something We Can’t Control (Mandatory)

Kevin Grumbach:
Solutions to COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy (Contagion Live)
Death Toll Associated With Trump Administration Goes Beyond Covid-19, Says Lancet Report (Forbes)

Rita Hamad:
Why Some States Won’t Share Race and Ethnicity Data on Vaccinations with the CDC—and Why That’s a Problem (The Atlantic)

Renee Hsia:
‘It Felt Like Deception’: An Elite NYC Hospital Charges Huge Virus Test Fees (The New York Times)

Hemal Kanzaria:
New study shows ‘isolation and quarantine hotels’ helped free up hospital space, reduce Covid-19 spread (Mission Local)
How Moving the Homeless to Hotels During the Pandemic Helps Everyone (HealthDay)

Margot Kushel:
“We’re not sick but the rich people and everybody else is”: Walla Walla homeless population faces few COVID-19 cases during taxing year (Whitman Wire)
California took 35,000 homeless people off the street for 1 year. Did the program work? (Sacramento Bee)
UCSF panelists argue structural changes necessary for post-COVID-pandemic society (Pleasanton Weekly)
Biotech takes on racial and social equity. Are the efforts sustainable? (San Francisco Business Times)
Bringing covid-19 vaccines to high risk populations—like those who are homeless—requires a tailored approach (BMJ Opinon)
UCSF medical experts warn pandemic’s end not yet in sight (San Francisco Examiner)
The uncounted: People who are homeless are invisible victims of Covid-19 (STAT)
‘Then the world caved in’: 11 experts describe the day they realized Covid-19 was here to stay (STAT)
COVID vaccinations to expand for jailed, unhoused people in Santa Clara County (Vallejo Times Herald)
How will San Francisco vaccinate its homeless population? (Mission Local)
Despite Pandemic, New Wave of Court-Ordered Evictions Displacing Poor Tenants (San Francisco Public Press)

Margot Kushel/Monica McLemore:
A Top Medical Journal Said “No Physician Is Racist.” Now Scientists Are Boycotting. (BuzzFeed News)

Rob Lustig:
UCSF researchers study how sleep, stress could impact response to COVID vaccine (KGO-7)

Monica McLemore:
Pregnancy and COVID: what the data say (Nature)

Maria Raven:
Pandemic Could Change Housing Approach for WA Unsheltered (iFiber One News)
How the Pandemic Is Opening the Door to Housing Access (Yes! Magazine)

Jack Resneck:
Congress must ensure telehealth access after pandemic’s over (American Medical Association)

Kim Rhoads:
Experts Grade California’s Vaccine Rollout (The New York Times)
The Virus, Vaccines and New Variants: Weighing the Threat of a Mutant COVID Strain (Post News Group)
Vaccines and who the pandemic has pushed out of San Francisco (Mission Local)
SF Pop-Up Vaccination Event Aims To Reach Public Housing Residents (NBC Bay Area)
COVID testing, vaccination hesitancy declines in East Oakland (KRON 4)
Starbucks'’ Doubleshot Takes On New Meaning (The Bull and Bear)
Medical, racial disparities continue to hit Black communities hard after yearlong pandemic 
(Stockton Record)
Why can't Big Tech speed up the vaccine rollout? (WRCB)
Focus on Health: Dr. Kim Rhoads Keeps Up the Good Fight for Black People in COVID-19 Battle (Post News Group)
These Sites Offer Free COVID-19 Tests for the Uninsured. So Why Are So Many Insured Kaiser Patients Using Them? (KQED)
COVID-19 Battle (Post News Group)
Changemakers: UCSF Researcher Spearheads COVID-19 Fight in Black Communities (NBC Bay Area)

Joanne Spetz:
Nursing schools turn to simulations during the pandemic. But do they work? (ABC 7)
What COVID-19 has revealed about the nursing profession (Deseret News)

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