COVID-19 Research


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IHPS faculty are responding to policy challenges raised by the COVID-19
pandemic with rapid-cycle researchand technical assistance. A compilation
of their work to date can be found here and will be updated regularly.


                           PRIORITY: Pregnancy Coronavirus Outcomes Study                     

Valerie FlahermanPRIORITY (Pregnancy CoRonavIrus Outcomes RegIsTrY) is a nationwide study of people under investigation for or with confirmed COVID-19 who are pregnant or recently pregnant, and their newborns. PRIORITY is enrolling participants nationwide at to provide information to help patients and healthcare providers better understand how COVID-19 impacts pregnant people and their newborns. Mother and infant participants will be followed for 12 months after delivery to assess both immediate outcomes associated with acute COVID-19 and subsequent consequences including ongoing respiratory, neurological or systematic symptoms, mental health concerns and receipt of preventive services including contraception and immunization. (PI: Valerie Flaherman)


Medical Team in ICU


Laura Wagner published in Nursing Outlook
Nurse practitioner students as an essential workforce: The lessons of coronavirus disease 2019

Jeff Belkora published in JCO Oncology Practice
Prime Time for Consultation Audio Recordings: Supporting Shared Decision Making During and After the COVID-19 Era

Valerie Flaherman published in Obstetrics & Gynecology
Clinical Presentation of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Pregnant and Recently Pregnant People

Andrew Auerbach published in Thrombosis Research
COVID-19 coagulopathy and thrombosis: Analysis of hospital protocols in response to the rapidly evolving pandemic

Joe Guydish published in the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment
Impacts of COVID-19 on residential treatment programs for substance use disorder

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo published in medRxiv
Routine asymptomatic testing strategies for airline travel during the COVID-19 pandemic: a simulation analysis

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo published in Jama Internal Medicine
Excess Mortality in California During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 Pandemic, March to August 2020

Elizabeth Wick and Julie Sosa published in Journal of Vascular Surgery
Impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic on an academic vascular practice and a multidisciplinary limb preservation program

Sunitha Kaiser and Matthew Pantell published in Pediatrics
Emergency Visits and Hospitalizations for Child Abuse During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Elizabeth Wick published in Annals of Surgery
Exploring the Experience of the Surgical Workforce During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Megha Garg and Daniel Dohan published in Medical Education Online
Rapid transition of a preclinical health systems science and social justice course to remote learning in the time of coronavirus.

Hilary Seligman published in the American Journal of Public Health
School Closures During COVID-19: Opportunities for Innovation in Meal Service

In the News  

Janet Coffman and Renee Hsia:
How a Well-Meaning Health Policy Created California’s Coronavirus Nightmare (The Atlantic)

Mara Decker:
Fresno County Latino teens are studied for how they handle pandemic pressures (Fresno Bee)

Joanne Spetz;
California spent millions on ventilators. Why they’re sitting unused during COVID surge 
(The Sacramento Bee)

Kim Rhoads:
What the San Francisco Bay Area Can Teach Us About Fighting a Pandemic 
(The New Yorker)
UCSF Doctor Challenges Reports of High COVID-19 Rates in Black Community

Julia Adler-Milstein:
The Newest Weapon Against Covid-19: AI That Speed-Reads Faxes (Wired)

Naomi Bardach:
California’s Newsom proposes spending $2 billion to help reopen elementary schools (The Washington Post)
Governor Newsom introduces plan to gradually re-open schools (KRCR)
New COVID Strain in Socal | State Braces, Announces School Opening Plan (VC Reporter)

Janet Coffman:
Bay Area Hospitals, Near Capacity, Prepare for Post-Holiday COVID Surge (KPIX)
‘Hiring Like Crazy’: California Desperately Searches for More Nurses and Doctors as COVID-19 Cases Soa(KQED)
‘We’re At A Breaking Point;’ COVID Ambulance Diversons Becoming Common In Santa Clara County (KPIX)

Joanne Spetz:
'Nurses exhausted': Nationwide nursing shortage hits CA, Bay Area hospitals (KGO-TV)
California Is Overriding Its Limits On Nurse Workloads As COVID-19 Surges (KQED)
A Christmas Unlike Any Other (The New York Times)
California hospitals face twin crises of capacity and ‘moral distress.’ (The New York Times)
California spent millions on ventilators. Why they’re sitting unused during COVID surge (The Sacramento Bee)

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo:
UCSF Doctor Discusses Effort to Get Maximum Number of Californians Vaccinated (NBC-7 San Diego)
Coronavirus: After record deaths end 2020, California’s year of COVID-19 in perspective (Woodland Daily Democrat)
SFO remains quiet despite national holiday surge in airline travel (San Francisco Chronicle)
This is how many more Californians died in pandemic’s first six months vs. an average year (San Francisco Chronicle)
Coronavirus: One shot instead of two to speed vaccination? (San Jose Mercury News)
Alameda County zip codes with highest Covid-19 case rates struggle to have matching testing (Mission Local)

Jahan Fahimi:
U.S. will require negative coronavirus test for all airline passengers from U.K. (The Washington Post)
Vaccine Selfies Are Going to Be Everywhere (The Cut)

Margot Kushel:
Isolation Helps Homeless Population Escape Worst of Virus (The New York Times)
COVID vaccine: Will Bay Area homeless shelters be a top priority? (The San Jose Mercury News)

Rob Lustig:
Your brain on cortisol: Why our overstressed gray matter is leading us astray in lockdown (WRBCtv)
How the American Diet Turbocharges COVID-19 (Mother Jones)

Monica McLemore:
Where Year Two of the Pandemic Will Take Us (The Atlantic)

Maria Raven:
A healthcare worker explains what it’s like to get the Pfizer vaccine (Salon)

Kim Rhoads:
What the San Francisco Bay Area Can Teach Us About Fighting a Pandemic (The New Yorker)
Experts hope to fight COVID-19 vaccine distrust among Black community through education 
UCSF Doctor Challenges Reports of High COVID-19 Rates in Black Community (KQED)

Julie Ann Sosa:
Medical experts weigh in on protesters’ anti-mask claims (San Francisco Examiner)

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