Ask the Experts: Advice about the Coronavirus

Claire Brindis Photo

Interview with Claire Brindis, DrPHProfessor of Pediatrics and Health Policy and Director, Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies

Q: What are the best measures authorities can take to ensure the safety of its citizens?

A: The best measures start with clear communication. We have not experienced this type of health threat in about 100 years – and given the rapid nature of what is occurring in our country and the world, we need to be clear about why the strategies we are adopting is protective of as many people as feasible. And we need to share what we do know, what we don’t, and assure that everyone is in this together -- even if you are young and don’t believe that you are at risk, you could be putting many others at risk. It is rare in the world to come to terms with the idea of being each other’s “keeper” – because regardless of whether you get ill or not, we will all be paying the price.

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