Soaring Drug Prices: Consumer and Clinician Perspectives and Policy Options

November 14, 2017
Drug prices in the United States are twice what they are in the United Kingdom and are much higher than in all other developed countries. In addition, drug prices are rising faster than prices for general consumer products or even other health care products. In this panel, Lisa Gill from Consumer...

VA Centers of Excellence in Primary Care Education (CoEPCE)

November 11, 2017
VA Centers of Excellence in Primary Care Education (CoEPCE) The Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Academic Affiliations (OAA) Centers of Excellence in Primary Care Education (CoEPCE) staff are pleased to announce the release of: Centers of Excellence in Primary Care Education: Compendium...

Association Between Adolescent Preventive Care and the ACA

November 07, 2017
Despite decades of adolescent preventive well visit and services promotion (Guidelines for Adolescent Preventive Services and Bright Futures), rates are below recommended levels and little is known of the effect of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementation on these care...

Heart Stents Fail to Ease Chest Pain

November 03, 2017
A procedure used to relieve chest pain in hundreds of thousands of heart patients each year is useless for many of them, researchers reported on Wednesday. Their study focused on the insertion of stents, tiny wire cages, to open blocked arteries. The devices are lifesaving when used to open...

Are seniors at risk for complications after routine surgery?

October 31, 2017
In geriatrics, frail is not merely an adjective. A syndrome marked by slowness, weakness, fatigue and often weight loss, frailty tells doctors a lot about their patients’ likely futures. It can, for example, predict how well older patients rebound from physical stresses — like surgery. A new study...

Closing the Looming Health Care Talent Gap

October 31, 2017
The U.S. may not be producing enough qualified doctors, nurses, and specialists, creating a shortage which, according to Joanne Spetz,  professor of health policy studies at UCSF, could cause problems in the years ahead. “There are enough new graduate nurses to fill those posts, but if the skills...

How much would CVS’s 7-day limit on painkiller prescriptions help solve the opioid crisis?

October 30, 2017
The opioid crisis has reached epidemic status. And today, the country’s largest pharmacy chain has pledged its support to help. CVS Pharmacy has announced it will limit opioid prescriptions to seven days for certain conditions for new patients seeking drugs for pain relief. The pharmacy will also...

CalViva-Kaiser Split Highlights Health Care Complexities, Patient Confusion

October 23, 2017
Earlier this summer, a contract between CalViva health and Kaiser Permanente left 9,000 Medi-Cal patients in the San Joaquin Valley to find all new doctors. We were curious how that transition happened, so we set out to find out how significant this change was in the healthcare world and how...

Study shows Flame retardants linked to lower child IQ

October 11, 2017
A hazardous class of flame retardant chemicals commonly found in furniture and household products damages children’s intelligence, resulting in loss of IQ points, according to a new study by UC San Francisco researchers.

Trumpcare: Is it the Right Treatment for what Ails the American Health Care System?

October 11, 2017
All health care systems must strike a delicate balance between cost, quality and access. While Obamacare focused largely on increasing access to coverage and spreading the cost of illness across the entire population, Trumpcare tips the balance largely in favor of reducing federal spending, at the...