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New Associate Director for Faculty Development
We are pleased to announce Daniel Dohan, PhD will be the new Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies, Associate Director for Faculty Development.
New Associate Directors for Policy
We are pleased to announce Janet Coffman, PhD, MA, MPP and Beth Griffiths, MD, MPH will be the new Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies (PRL-IHPS), Associate Directors for Policy.
2021 Harold S. Luft Award Recipient
We are delighted to announce that Pamela Ling, MD, has been selected as this year's recipient of the Harold S. Luft Award for Mentoring in Health Services and Health Policy Research.
Current COVID-19 Related Research and Initiatives
IHPS faculty are responding to policy challenges raised by the COVID-19 pandemic with rapid-cycle research and technical assistance.
In Memoriam: Philip R. Lee
April 17, 1924 - October 27, 2020
View the celebration of Phil's life,
held on February 25, 2021.

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Challenges to controlling health care spending in Massachusetts

Jan 19, 12 - 1 pm PT

David Auerbach, PhD is a health economist and currently Senior Director for Research and Cost Trends at the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission. His team analyzes data from the state’s all-payer claims database, hospital discharge data, survey data, and other sources to understand and report on salient and policy-relevant trends and cost drivers in Massachusetts and to make recommendations to reduce the cost of health care in the state. Prior to working at the HPC, he was a senior policy researcher at the RAND Corporation in Boston and prior to that, he was a principal analyst at the Congressional Budget Office in Washington DC where he co-developed the model used to analyze the Affordable Care Act. He is also a national expert on the nursing workforce and an honorary fellow of the American Academy of Nursing. He has a PhD in Health Policy from Harvard University.


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Featured Articles

Investing In A 21st Century Health Workforce: A Call For Accountability

Health Affairs

Angela Beck, Joanne Spetz, Patricia Pittman, Bianca Frogner, Erin Fraher, Jean Moore, David Armstrong, Peter Buerhaus

The nation requires a workforce adequately sized and educated in the specialty areas needed to address the health needs of all people (production); that practices in the places, settings, and specialties where they are needed most (distribution); that                                                                                                   works efficiently and effectively (maximize potential);                                                                                           and practices in systems that protects worker health                                                                                           and well-being (resilience).

                                                                                         Read more

Dusty trades and associated rheumatoid arthritis in a population-based study in the coal mining counties of Appalachia

Occupational & Environmental Medicine

Gabriela Schmajuk, Laura Trupin, Edward Yelin, Paul Blanc

We observed a strong association between coal mining and other silica-exposing dusty trades and RA. Clinicians and insurers should consider occupational histories in the aetiology of RA.


                                                                                      Read more

Educator's Perspectives on Integrating Technology Into Sexual Health Education: Implementation Study​​​​​​


Martha Decker, Salish Harrison, Melisa Price, Abigail Gutmann-Gonzalez, Jennifer Yarger, Rachel Tenney

The health educators reported that technological issues affected implementation to some degree: 87% of the time in the first year, which decreased to 47% in the third year as health educators’ familiarity with the app increased and functionality improved. 


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