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Phil’s personal achievements in health policy and health are magnified many times over by those of his trainees and mentees who number in the hundreds around the globe. And at his core, it was his personal warmth and caring – the kindness, support and nurturing he provided over generations – that is truly his legacy.

Claire Brindis, DrPH, Emerita Director

Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies




 Phil Lee on Phone

Tribute by William Arnone, CEO
National Academy of Social Insurance


Phil Lee in Washington

Tribute by Lisa Simpson, M.B., B.Ch., M.P.H. 
President and CEO, AcademyHealth


Phil demonstrated, in small ways and large, how to pivot to meet needs. When he began the Health Policy Program, the vision was to offer advice to people in Washington. But if Washington stopped being interested in advice, he brought researchers like myself on board to do the work that would provide the answers when questions would again be asked.

Hal Luft, PhD

Senior Scientist, Sutter Health