PRL-IHPS In The News, October 2020


Rob Lustig:
Is Aging a Disease You Can Reverse? A Look at the Science Behind the Longevity Movement (Vouge) 

COVID-19 Epidemiology


Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo:

Coronavirus: Six months after sheltering, why things fell apart (San Jose Mercury News)
Coronavirus: Bay Area facing a ‘delicate threshold’ as Alameda County reports most deaths yet (San Jose Mercury News)
California's deadliest spring in 20 years suggests COVID undercount (Modern Healthcare)
COVID deaths among young people: Diverse communities hit hardest (San Francisco Chronicle)
After early unity against virus, efforts now fragmented (Woodland Daily Democrat)
Breonna Taylor protests, Covid and stalled progress (Politico)
News Brief: Kentucky Protests, Coronavirus Cases, Hospital Data Rule (NPR)
When Young People Get COVID-19, Infections Soon Rise Among Older Adults (KUOW NPR)
Should people of color get access to the Covid-19 vaccine before others? (Vox)
RACE AND COVID: Efforts to bring diversity to trials face skepticism and distrust (San Francisco Business Times)


Jahan Fahimi:
Can You Tell If It’s the Flu or COVID-19? UCSF Doctors Say It’s Not So Clear (Sierra Sun Times)

Valerie Flaherman:
How the pandemic has changed life for new parents (Salon)
‘Babies are doing well’: Infants born to moms with COVID have few complications  (StudyFinds)


Barbara Koenig:
A fall 'twindemic'? As US nears 200,000 coronavirus deaths, experts fear COVID-19, flu may be a deadly combo (USA Today)

Maria Raven:
Pop-up testing site on 16th Street offers free Covid-19 tests and flu shots (Mission Local)
First cases of flu hit Bay Area, marking start of a dangerous season ahead (San Francisco Chronicle)

Kim Rhoads:
East Oakland pop-up COVID-19 testing site aims to attract Black community (KRON 4)

Health IT

Julia Adler-Milstein and Chrissy Thao:
Could Customer Reviews Give Transparency into Health IT Tools? (EHR Intelligence)

Healthcare Workforce

Joanne Spetz:
California Joins Movement to Give NPs Practice Autonomy (Medscape)


Margot Kushel:
‘It works.’ Groundbreaking data proves success of Santa Clara County homeless housing program (San Jose Mercury News)

Sugar Science

Rob Lustig:
Sports Drinks Are Loaded With Added Sugars—Here Are Better Ways to Hydrate (Yahoo)