Healthcare System faculty examine outcomes, quality, and measurement of healthcare delivery systems with research and practice translation that spans from the individual clinic to hospital and healthcare systems. PRL-IHPS faculty have informed the development of value-based purchasing approaches and have undertaken cost and cost-effectiveness studies across a wide domain of conditions and systems both domestically and internationally. Healthcare system faculty also conduct research on the healthcare workforce with a particular focus on nursing and primary care providers. The Institute is particularly interested in ensuring that our healthcare system delivers appropriate care to at-risk populations including children and the elderly.

The California Medicaid Research Institute (CaMRI)
California Health Benefits Review Program (CHBRP)
Shared Decision Making in Patients with Osteoarthritis of the Hip and Knee
Data “Dashboard” to Track the Future of Nursing
Registered Nursing Workforce Surveys and Analysis
Nurse Demand Survey and Study
Functional Outcomes After Major Surgery in Nursing Home Residents
Transforming Primary Care Practice: Lessons from the New Orleans Safety-Net
California Hospital Assessment and Reporting Task Force (CHART)
California Endowment Clinic Consortia Policy and Advocacy Program Evaluation
Diversity in U.S. Medical Schools: Revitalizing Efforts to Increase Diversity in a Changing Context, 1960s-2000s