Publications January 2020

1.     Early Insights from Health System Deployment of Patient-Facing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs): Progress and Opportunities.

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2.     Electronic Health Record Time Among Outpatient Physicians: Reflections on the Who, What, and Why.

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3.     EHR audit logs: A new goldmine for health services research?

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4.     Development and pilot evaluation of a personalized decision support intervention for low risk prostate cancer patients.
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5.     From the Editor's Desk.

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6.     Changing home care aides: Differences between family and non-family care in California Medicaid home and community-based services.

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7.     Time Spent Away from Home in the Year Following High-Risk Cancer Surgery in Older Adults.

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8.     Predictive validation and forecasts of short-term changes in healthcare expenditure associated with changes in smoking behavior in the United States.

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9.     Transferring Racial/Ethnic Marketing Strategies From Tobacco to Food Corporations: Philip Morris and Kraft General Foods.

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10.  The Association Between Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Survival for Patients with Heart Failure.

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11.  Net Effect of Young Adult Dual Combusted Cigarette and E-Cigarette Users' Anticipated Responses to Hypothetical E-Cigarette Marketing Restrictions.

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12.  Neighborhood deprivation and mental health among immigrants to Sweden.

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13.  Revisits, readmissions, and outcomes for pediatric traumatic brain injury in California, 2005-2014.

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14.  Estimates of Responsiveness, Minimally Important Differences, and Patient Acceptable Symptom State in Five Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System Short Forms in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.

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15.  Association of Primary Language and Hospitalization for Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions.

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16.  Quality Measures and Quality Improvement Initiatives in Osteoporosis-an Update.

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17.  Preemption in Tobacco Control: A Framework for Other Areas of Public Health.

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18.  Projected costs of single-payer healthcare financing in the United States: A systematic review of economic analyses.

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19.  Erratum: "Identifying and Prioritizing Chemicals with Uncertain Burden of Exposure: Opportunities for Biomonitoring and Health-Related Research".

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20.  Cardiovascular Disease-Related Pregnancy Complications Are Associated with Increased Maternal Levels and Trajectories of Cardiovascular Disease Biomarkers During and After Pregnancy.

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22.  Tobacco manufacturer lobbying to undercut minimum price laws: an analysis of internal industry documents.

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23.  Best Definitions of Multimorbidity to Identify Patients With High Health Care Resource Utilization.

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24.  Patient Recommendations to Improve the Implementation of and Engagement With Portals in Acute Care: Hospital-Based Qualitative Study.

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J Med Internet Res. 2020

25.  Association of Blood Pressure Patterns in Young Adulthood With Cardiovascular Disease and Mortality in Middle Age.

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26.  Intergenerational Economic Mobility-Invest in Children's Economic Futures to Improve Adult Health?

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