IHPS Media Mentions

Monica McLemore in Center for Health Journalism
What we can learn from efforts to address the Black maternal health crisis during COVID-19

Anisha Patel in San Francisco Examiner
Green Space: The many benefits of free, tasty tap water

Naomi Bardach in Politico, Los Angeles Times, National Review and Channel 7 (Australia) among others
Newsom nears pivotal decision: Should California try to reopen again? Cotton Masks Won’t Protect From Wildfire Smoke That Can Worsen COVID-19 Symptoms, Doctors Warn
Wildfire Smoke Creating Problems For COVID-19 Patients, At-Risk Residents
Wildfires, coronavirus collide in California to create a "perfect storm"

Margot Kushel in Los Angeles Times, Associated Press and Norwalk The Houramong others
Have LA's homeless people dodged a COVID-19 catastrophe?
Coronavirus hasn't devastated the homeless population, as many feared
COVID-19 is 'a crisis within a crisis' for homeless people

Rob Lustig in New York Times
Can Artificial Sweeteners Keep Us From Gaining Weight?

Laura Wagner in The Verge
Going Remote Makes it Harder for Colleges to Reach First-Generation Students

Naomi Bardach in New York Times, KGO-TV, Santa Cruz Sentinenl,  and SF Gate among others
Is Your Child’s School Ready to Reopen?
UCSF doctor explains why COVID-19 transmission among kids are infrequent
When is it considered safe enough to reopen California’s classrooms?
Regional: Some Classrooms Will Reopen For Child Care, Though No In-Person Instruction

Stan Glantz in The Independent
Vaping makes young people up to seven times more likely to get coronavirus, study finds

Rita Hamad in Gaston Gazette
More school, less heart disease?: Researchers keep finding evidence that education level predicts heart disease risk

Kirstin Bibbins-Domingo in San Jose Mercury News
California’s coronavirus contact tracing efforts hampered by lack of bilingual staff

Cynthia Harper on WNYC Science Friday and Healthline
Contraceptive Access, Robot Bias, Story Structure. August 14, 2020, Part 2
How Telemedicine Can Help People Access Birth Control During the Pandemic

Margot Kushel on Capital Public Radio
Exclusive: More Than 1,600 Californians Have Been Evicted During Pandemic

Kim Rhoads in Post News
Eastmont Mall Site of Mass COVID-19 Testing Event on Aug. 22-23 Led by Dr. Kim Rhoads

Janet Coffman in ESM1
San Francisco puts community paramedics on front lines of the pandemic

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo on WXXIPalo Alto OnlineWashington Post, KALW, andBaltimore Sun among others
Extended Families Living Together Raise Risks For COVID-19 Transmission
Faced with dying Californians and withering businesses, Gov. Newsom steers a middle path. Can it last?
In the pandemic, we had to move to our new home. This is how we did it.
City Visions: COVID Exposes Racial Health Gap In Bay Area
With eating disorders, looks can be deceiving

Liz Dzeng in The Chronicle of Higher Education
After Their Society Was Sued Out of Existence, These Scientists Are Building a New One

Ralph Gonzales on KGO-TV (ABC)
Coronavirus transmission: UCSF doctor explains dangers of workplace break rooms

Margot Kushel in SFGate
Regional: State, County Officials Call For Continued Eviction Protections

Christina Mangurian in Newswire
New Study Suggests Mental Illness May Increase Diabetes Risk

Monica McLemore in Vox
America is failing Black moms during the pandemic

Kim Rhoads in Mission Local
It’s taking a week for contact tracers to reach COVID-19 patients. This ‘negates the point of contact tracing.’
Sunnydale locals flatten a public housing COVID-19 outbreak

Naomi Bardach in KQED, NBC Bay Area and KPIX
COVID-19 Risk in Schools: What You Should Know
San Francisco Child Care Providers Are Hurting During Coronavirus Pandemic
Safe School Reopening Strategy
Pandemic Plan: UCSF Task Force Researches Safe Back-to-School Strategy
Debate Over Emotional, Educational Toll Of Distance Learning Heats Up With Back-To-School Weeks Away

Janet Coffman in The Atlantic and California Healthcare Foundation blog
A Mental-Health Crisis Is Burning Across the American West
San Francisco Puts Community Paramedics on Front Lines of the Pandemic

Hilary Seligman in Sacramento Bee
‘It’s like a vicious cycle’: How the pandemic leaves the poor not only exposed, but hungry

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo in Washington Post, San Jose Mercury News and KTVU among others
San Francisco flattened the curve early. Now, coronavirus cases are surging.
California tops 500,000 coronavirus cases. Is the surge finally slowing?
All nine Bay Area counties are on California's COVID-19 watch list

Margot Kushel in SFGate, the New York Times and India Currents
Regional: State, County Officials Call For Continued Eviction Protections
12 People in a 3-Bedroom House, Then the Virus Entered the Equation
Can’t Pay Rent? You’re Out!

Rita Redberg in Counter Punch
Pharma Tries to Cash in on Covid Shutdowns With Its Best-Selling Drug

Naomi Bardach on KQED
COVID-19 Risk in Schools: What You Should Know

Joanne Spetz in Deseret News
As COVID-19 hits rural America, small hospitals in the West struggle to keep up

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo on WNYC
Why Are People So Angry About Wearing Masks?

Kevin Grumbach on KPIX
‘COVID-Phobia’ Harming Skittish Patients Needing Care, Health Care Industry As A Whole

Bob Hiatt in Fall River Herald News
At least 120,000 Americans are needed to test COVID-19 vaccines. A ‘very encouraging’ 107,000 are so far signed up.

Margot Kushel in Bloomberg
Tracing the Invisible Danger of Household Crowding

Naomi Bardach in Mission Local and KGO
UCSF Grand Rounds: Opening the schoolhouse and the big house
Is this the future of schools? Kids learn to administer their own COVID-19 test

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo in PBS News Hour, the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times
How federal response has failed to address racial disparities in pandemic’s toll
Bracing for Wildfires During a Pandemic
Bars, indoor dining could remain closed for the foreseeable future amid coronavirus surge
Warehouse Workers in a Bind as Virus Spikes in Southern California

Bob Hiattt in AuntMinnie.com and UCSF News
New breast cancer risk model includes 93 relationships
New Model of Breast Cancer’s Causes Developed by UCSF-led Team

Charlie Irwin in Earth.com and the San Francisco Chronicle
Young smokers have double the risk of severe COVID-19
One-third of young adults may be at risk of severe COVID-19, especially if they smoke or vape

Margot Kushel in the San Francisco Chronicle, Al Jazeera
Surprise: Homeless people not getting coronavirus in the disastrous waves experts had feared
Alone and aging on the street
Can coronavirus be defeated without addressing homelessness?

Monica McLemore in Rolling Stone
Death of Sha-Asia Washington, Pregnant 26-Year-Old Black Woman, Highlights Devastating Trend

Maria Raven in Business Insider
COVID-19 deaths in America are flat even though cases are soaring. Here's what that could mean.

Maria Raven in San Jose Mercury News
If you think the coronavirus pandemic is stressful, try being an emergency room doctor

Kim Rhoads in Mission Local
San Francisco tests for COVID-19 more than most anywhere else, but does it have a strategy?

Naomi Bardach in Finger Lake Times, KPIX, ABC, Live Science, EdSource
Debate Over Emotional, Educational Toll Of Distance Learning Heats Up With Back-To-School Weeks Away
Is this the future of schools? Kids learn to administer their own COVID-19 test
Should schools reopen amid the pandemic?
Coronavirus cases spike in California child care facilities