IHPS faculty share their expertise in the media. 

Fort Bragg Advocate News

Health insurance can now help some Californians find housing

Mentioned: Margot Kushel

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Opinion: What if doctors prescribed produce?

Mentioned: Hilary Seligman

The Guardian

Environmental toxins are worsening obesity pandemic, say scientists

Mentioned: Robert Lustig

Managed Healthcare Executive

Heading Upstream to the Social Determinants of Health

Mentioned: Laura Gottlieb

Kaiser Health News

Why So Slow? Legislators Take on Insurers’ Delays in Approving Prescribed Treatments

Mentioned: Jack Resneck, Jr.


Who Would Be Most Affected By Roe Reversal

Mentioned: Monica McLemore


Inflammation During COVID-19 Hospitalization Linked to Mortality

Mentioned: Joanne Spetz