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Featured Story-

Travel Ban Highlights Importance of Immigrant Physicians to California Health Care

Janet Coffman, a health services researcher and associate professor at the UCSF School of Medicine's Institute for Health Policy Studies, and research associate Igor Geyn mined the American Community Survey Public Use Microdata Sample from 2011 through 2015 to provide estimates. The data suggest that 5,040 physicians employed in California in 2015 were not US citizens — fully 5% of the 97,436 physicians working in the state. Read More


Adams Dudley on Facebook Live

Number of Immigrant PhysiciansA lack of clarity into what the Trump administration will do about the Affordable Care Act and drug prices is unnerving many patients with cancer and other chronic diseases, who worry that the alternative to high premiums and deductibles could lead to worse solutions than the high out-of-pocket costs they have now.  Watch here

Book CoverNew book by Annette L. Gardner and Claire D. Brindis 
Advocacy and Policy Change Evaluation Theory and Practice

This is the first book-length treatment of the concepts, designs, methods, and tools needed to conduct effective advocacy and policy change evaluations. By integrating insights from different disciplines, Part I provides a conceptual foundation for navigating advocacy tactics within today's turbulent policy landscape. Part II offers recommendations for developing appropriate evaluation designs and working with unique advocacy and policy change–oriented instruments. Part III turns toward opportunities and challenges in this growing field. In addition to describing actual designs and measures, the chapters includes suggestions for addressing the specific challenges of working in a policy setting, such as a long time horizon for achieving meaningful change. 
Available April 2017:

CHV LogoNews In Numbers: For One In Three San Diegans, Finding A Doctor Is An Ordeal

Surveys distributed in 2013 and 2015 by the California Health Care Foundation and the Medical Board of California show a decrease in MDs accepting new Medi-Cal Patients. Janet Coffman, Associate Adjunct Professor at PRL-IHPS emphasized the problem is worse in San Diego. Read more

PatientsReport: Mobile Integrated Health Care - Community Paramedicine

Mobile integrated healthcare – community paramedicine (MIH-CP) is a new model of care that trains paramedics to deliver a broader range of services than traditional emergency response and transport of people to emergency departments (ED). Read more