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Why, in the midst of a U.S. health crisis, there are major challenges for doctors to access patient records

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Angelenos claim empty housing to shelter the storm during the pandemic

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The Bay Area Billionaires Are Breaking My Heart

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If a Pandemic Can’t Force San Francisco to Reckon With Homelessness, Nothing Can

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As Thousands Join, Few Rules for California Health Corps

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How Does Coronavirus Affect Pregnancy and Newborns?

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A Lack of Evidence for Baby-Friendly Hospitals

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How smoking, vaping increase your risk of coronavirus

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E-Cigarettes as Bad for Arteries as Regular Smokes, Study Finds

Hilary Seligman interviewed on PBS News Hour
With schools shuttered, districts struggle to feed students and communities

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Hospital Layoffs Rising in California as Few Elective Procedures Are Performed

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Climate Change Multiplies the Threats of Infectious Diseases

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What researchers can learn from younger COVID-19 patients

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Why We Need Race, Ethnicity and Language Data to Beat COVID-19

Jahan Fahimi interviewed for KRON4
Health experts say second wave of COVID-19 possible

Jahan Fahimi, Margot Kushel and Hemal Kanzaria interviewed in STAT
As Covid-19 surges among San Francisco’s homeless, doctors face difficult choices

Margot Kushel interviewed in Nature
Coronavirus is spreading under the radar in US homeless shelters

Margot Kushel interviewed in the New York Times
Inside the Bay Area’s Geriatric Homeless Shelter

Robert Lustig interviewed in The Telegraph
It's time to have an honest conversation about the risks of excess weight

Anil Makam quoted in Victoria Advocate
Second COVID-19 outbreak reported in Victoria; 10 new cases announced

Maria Raven interviewed in San Francisco Examiner
Fear of COVID-19 may contribute to spike in deaths from other causes

Elizabeth Wick quoted in NBC News
Elective surgeries set to resume, with complications and concerns