In California’s battle against the coronavirus, we have a new class of superheroes

April 01, 2020
Our savvy governor is preparing for a worst-case scenario, which means not only adding a potential 50,000 patient beds to existing care capacity, but also boosting the number of health care professionals who can assist and treat the escalating number of patients. Even with the flexibility and power...

What the evidence says about Medicare for All and other single-payer healthcare plans

March 25, 2020
Single-payer health care — in which the government pays citizens’ medical bills — is a divisive issue this campaign season. Such a system is, in the popular mind, more or less synonymous with socialism, but the idea has been around since health insurance went mainstream during World War II....

California’s Psychiatry Workforce Challenges

March 23, 2020
Author(s): Janet Coffman Date: Mar. 02, 2020 In his 2020 State of the State address, California Governor Gavin Newsome called for the state’s counties to spend Mental Health Services Act funds more quickly to assist the 1 in 6 California adults who suffer from mental illness and the 1 in 13...

Nursing Students Call for Emergency Licenses

March 23, 2020
"Hospitals have essentially just kicked out all nursing students," she said. "They don’t want to risk exposing us. It makes sense. But at the same time, I need to finish those hours so I can graduate on time." Some educators say nursing students near the end of their programs should be offered...

Joanne Spetz awarded OptumLab access to data

March 18, 2020
 Congratulations to Joanne Spetz on her OptumLabs award! Joanne will receive OptumLabs-funded access to its database of de-identified, linked clinical and administrative claims information (the OptumLabs Data Warehouse) to look at state regulation of advanced practice clinicians and utilization of...