California: A Health Care Laboratory With Mixed Results

September 08, 2018
Despite its successes, California still has significant health disparities and an uneven distribution of health care providers to help reduce them. A Health Affairs study about nurse practitioners underscores the challenge of getting these medical professionals to the populations that need them the...

Costs for Infliximab and Its Biosimilar for Rheumatoid Arthritis Under Medicare Part D

September 07, 2018
Biologic specialty drugs are effective for treating rheumatic diseases, cancer, and other conditions. They represent approximately 2% of prescriptions but accounted for 38% of US drug spending in 2015 and 70% of drug spending growth between 2010 and 2015.1 For rheumatoid arthritis (RA), biologics...

Beyond The ACA: Paths To Universal Coverage In California

September 06, 2018
California’s single-payer legislation is stalled, but the state will establish a task force to pursue unified public financing to achieve universal health insurance. California’s 2018 gubernatorial and legislative elections will provide a forum for further health policy debate and, depending on...

The Mueller Investigation: The Ins, The Outs, and Future Directions

September 05, 2018
You've heard about it in the news, but what exactly is the Mueller Investigation? What is the role of the Russian government in the 2016 US elections? Can the President pardon himself? Find out the answers to this and more with UC Hastings faculty members Joel Paul and Hadar Aviram as they lead an...

Breast Cancer Follow-Up Imaging Varies Widely, Study Finds

September 03, 2018
Follow-up imaging for women with non-metastatic breast cancer varies widely across the country, according to a new study led by researchers at UC San Francisco. Some patients go without the annual mammograms that experts recommend, while others with the same cancer diagnosis receive full-body scans...