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New Model of Breast Cancer’s Causes Developed by UCSF-led Team

July 13, 2020
New Model of Breast Cancer’s Causes Developed by UCSF-led Team ‘Paradigm II’ Interactively Illustrates the Complex, Dynamic Relationships Between Causes A new model of the causes of breast cancer, created by a team led by researchers at UC San Francisco, Genentech and Stanford University, is...
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Testing Cascades—A Call to Move From Descriptive Research to Deimplementation Science

July 13, 2020
Timothy S. Anderson and Grace A. Lin JAMA Intern Med. Published online June 8, 2020. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2020.1588
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Introduction: Improvement and Measurement in the Era of Electronic Health Records

July 08, 2020
Andrew Auerbach and David W. BatesAnnals of Internal Medicine 2020;172:S69-S72. doi:10.7326/M19-0870
Dr. Kim Rhoads

COVID-19, more reality than myth: Dr. Kim Rhoads breaks down the virus

July 06, 2020
Q&A with Dr. Kim Rhoads, MD, MS, MPH, an associate professor of epidemiology and biostatistics at UCSF, as she provides insight about the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine and the accuracy of COVID-19 tests that are being used in San Francisco.  Read more
Virtual doctor visits

Virtual doctor visits likely to continue after pandemic despite insurance coverage cuts

July 06, 2020
A new California state law starting in 2021 requires health plans to extend coverage of telehealth visits at the same rate as in-person visits. Marissa Raymond-Flesch, MD, MPH, assistant professor and affiliate faculty member at the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies, says patients...
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Nursing Home Workers Confront Risks in Facilities Devastated by Coronavirus

June 10, 2020
The coronavirus pandemic has devastated nursing homes across the country. There have been more than 35,000 COVID-19 deaths in long-term care facilities, according to the U.S.
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In the midst of a U.S. health crisis, there are major challenges for doctors to access patient records

June 04, 2020
In 2009, federal policymakers set aside about $35 billion in taxpayer revenue to digitize paper-based systems. The hope was to make it easier for doctors to access their patients’ medical histories in a few clicks. And by moving clinical information from paper to an electronic format, researchers...
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UCSF Begins Testing Program in SF’s Bayview and Nearby Neighborhoods

May 29, 2020
Residents of San Francisco’s Bayview, Sunnydale and Visitacion Valley — low-income, racially diverse neighborhoods hit hard by the pandemic — will be able to get a free coronavirus test through a new UCSF four-day testing project aimed at understanding the prevalence of the virus.

Finding That Work Life Balance At Home

May 26, 2020
It's been ten weeks since shelter orders took effect, and those working from home are dealing with a dismantled work-life balance.  According to data from NordVPN, U-S homebound employees are logging three extra hours per day on the job compared to before.
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Avoiding a Health Care Financial Meltdown

May 23, 2020
By Andrew Bindman, MD