Center for Healthcare Value

Situated within UCSF’s Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies, the CHV brings together expertise in clinical care, research methods, implementation sciences, health policy, health care delivery, law, information technology, entrepreneurship, and business to address the barriers to providing high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective healthcare and innovation.

Through the development of proven, replicable interventions, the CHV will develop and test local and national models for improving healthcare value. Caring Wisely Caring Wisely™ is an organized process for engaging and supporting frontline staff and clinicians in efforts to remove unnecessary costs from healthcare delivery systems and improve the quality of care delivered. The program was created and launched by the UCSF Center for Healthcare Value in November 2012. Measuring Value The CHV Measuring Value Initiative is a partnership between front-line practitioners, financial data analysts, and executive stakeholders to build a standardized approach to accurately assess the clinical benefits and cost savings of value-based initiatives at UCSF. Training The CHV Training Initiative defines, champions and integrates high-quality education in healthcare value throughout training programs for educators, clinicians, researchers and healthcare leaders. Research and Policy

The CHV Research and Policy Initiative works with all stakeholders at the state and national levels to create a health care system that fosters high-value care.

Its aims include 1) improving our ability to measure value, 2) increasing transparency about value and cost, and 3) stimulating market developments, accreditation standards, and government payment or reporting rules that reward value.